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The process of figuring out what goes in and around the bathroom sink and vanity – one of the most central parts of the bathroom – too often requires an enormous number of decisions. At Simple Bath, we make that decision-making process as easy as possible, using our expertise to offer options that make sense for your bathroom and stand the test of time.

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Not only do the right cabinets add to the visual appeal of your new bathroom, they also make it far easier to use, improving the function of the entire bathroom and, often, adding much-needed space for storage. At Simple Bath, we have a variety of semi-custom and full custom cabinetry offerings, from standard wall cabinets to ample linen cabinets, and will work with you to ensure they match up visually with everything else.


Whether you just need a conventional sink that gets the job done or you’re after something unique – maybe a console or pedestal sink, or a rectangular shape instead of the standard oval – Simple Bath has the tools to make it happen.


Can lighting, sconce lighting, cable lighting – we have it and more. Work with Simple Bath to figure out how best to light your bathroom space, ensuring it’s more than sufficient for all your needs.


A good countertop can mean the difference between an average-looking bathroom and a great-looking bathroom, and at Simple Bath, our countertop offerings ensure you can find the right look for yours. We have multiple colors of marble, quartz, onyx and more, easily inspected right in our showroom, with samples so you can see how it will look at home.

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