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Top Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Keeping your bathroom pristine can be a trying task, but armed with the best cleaning products and techniques available, you’ll find it goes much more smoothly. Let Simple Bath show you how to clean a shower, bathtub, toilet and more with the least hassle possible.

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Top 6 Recommended Cleaning Products

Our extensive experience working with bathrooms has familiarized us with some of the best tub, shower and toilet cleaning products. Our most-recommended items are:

  • Comet bathroom cleaner (liquid spray only)
  • Dawn dish soap (and vinegar)
  • Vinegar (and Dawn dish soap)
  • Arm & Hammer Scrub Free soap scum remover
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Clorox bleach (diluted)

Effective Cleansers For Your Household

One of the most effective cleansers is a homemade solution of one capful of Dawn and one capful of vinegar; fill the rest of a spray bottle with water, and you’re good to go. The solution will safely and effectively clean the acrylic, Onyx and FiBo.  It’s important to always rinse surfaces with water after cleaning.

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For larger build-ups of soap and shampoo residue, we recommend Arm & Hammer Scrub Free or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge as strong tub and shower cleaners. For removing light scratches and abrasions, you may use Gel Gloss. If you are unsure whether a particular cleaner is approved, please call Simple Bath at 614-888-BATH; we can answer any and all questions about how to clean a toilet, shower and bathtub!

What Effect Does Soap Have On Acrylic & Onyx?

Have you noticed that certain soaps are more difficult to remove than others? Deodorant bar soap is the most difficult to dissolve using the approved cleaners mentioned above. Conversely, liquid soap seems to be the easiest to remove. Keep this in mind as you pursue the best way to clean your shower, tub or toilet.

The 3 A’s to Remember

No Abrasives
No Ammonia
No Aerosols

Our materials will not mold and mildew; soap scum will. It’s important to remember to clean your shower or tub area on a weekly basis with the recommended products to avoid any issues.

You are covered!

It is of the upmost importance to us that the products we use in your bathroom last.  Most of the products have a lifetime warranty issued by the manufacturer.  Trusted names and reputation (like Moen, American Standard) ensure that you can rest easy with your choices.

Yes, Onyx is Guaranteed Forever!

This statement is on every product we manufacture. It’s a simple, clear guarantee, and everyone associated with our business understands it. If our product ever fails, we will either provide you with a new item or refund the cost. “Yes, Guaranteed Forever” says it all. Quality products, our guarantee, quick delivery, ease of installation and low failure rate have made us legends in this industry. If you have a question, problem or suggestion, please call us at 1-800-ONYXTOP (1-800-669-9867). We always do our best to correct a problem to your satisfaction.

–Bob Awerkamp, Founder

Installation & Care

We only use 100% silicone for the entire installation. We recommend our own adhesive silicone and color-match silicone, which are specially formulated for use with our products. Never use plumber’s putty or construction adhesives. Over time, these materials may damage your lavatory, your shower and even your vanity cabinet. Suction cups are safe to use on your shower walls surfaces.

Cleaning Your Onyx Collection Shower

Regular cleaning of all our products can safely be done with any non-abrasive cleaning product made for sinks or showers. If it says on the label “Do not use on…” it most likely contains abrasives, which can damage or dull almost any sink, shower or countertop over time with repeated use.

To make cleaning even simpler, especially in hard water areas, a product like Repel that is designed to clean and seal surfaces will help protect the product from mineral or soap scum buildup with a minimum of effort. If a mineral buildup does occur, it can be remedied by using white vinegar, a product like Eliminate or any other mineral removing product that is safe for your drain. You should always follow the directions that are on the label. Installation and maintenance instructions are included with every product we ship, along with any necessary templates. The instructions can also be viewed and downloaded from the Onyx Collection website, along with MSDS Safety Data Sheets for applicable products.

If your Onyx Collection product becomes chipped or damaged in any way, please call Onyx at 1-800-669-9867. A repair kit can be sent to you at no charge. If you are within the Onyx delivery area, the company will schedule a time to come to your home and repair the damage ourselves at no charge to you.

Bertch Cabinet Cleaning Recommendations

voiding Problems With Your Standard Wood Finish

  • Do not use detergents, oily polishes or glass cleaners.
  • An occasional light waxing may be required.
  • Avoid frequent cleaning with a waxy cleaner.
  • Use a good furniture brand paste wax to polish your cabinetry, such as Guardsman Heritage
    Furniture Polish.
  • To clean a soiled area of your cabinetry, use a damp cloth and a mild dish soap. After wiping
    immediately, wipe again with a clean damp cloth.
  • Dry with a clean dry cloth.

Avoiding Problems With Your High Gloss Finish

  • Clean high gloss cabinetry with mild soap and a damp cloth.
  • Do not use any wax cleaner whatsoever to avoid discoloration.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Tips

Engineered stone flooring is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. It still requires some basic cleaning, though. Here are some simple and easy care tips to keep your floors looking newer for longer:

  • Remove loose dirt with a soft bristle broom.
  • Clean with plain water and a damp mop for normal, everyday care.
  • Wash the floor occasionally with a gentle (non-abrasive) floor cleaner. Always follow cleaning product
    instructions and adhere to cautions before use.
  • Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products. These may leave a dull film on
    your flooring.
  • When using a vacuum cleaner, disengage the beater bar or use the “bare floor” setting to avoid
    damaging your flooring.
  • Highly abrasive scrubbing tools are not recommended, as they can damage your flooring.
  • Never use ammonia or bleach to clean your vinyl flooring.
  • Due to the high temperatures, steam mops may cause damage to vinyl flooring. Review the
    manufacturer guidelines for your flooring before using a steam mop.

For further questions about our bathroom materials and how to clean them, contact Simple Bath today!

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