Returning To Work and COVID-19 Update

Resuming Operations

We are ecstatic to be returning to work! With COVID-19 still looming, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the welfare of our customers and our crews. As business resumes, we want to outline what our customers should expect with their bath remodeling and installations. 

Keeping Everyone Safe

After staying at home for weeks now, we understand that you may feel apprehensive about our team being in your home. We assure you that with the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is our top priority. We are taking extra precautions to keep our employees and customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these procedures involve YOUR HELP:

  • If anyone in your household has a temperature above 99.4 degrees, feels sick, has a persistent cough or is under medically advised quarantine please let us know ASAP so we can reschedule the installation.
  • Please help us by providing as much physical distance as possible between you and the installers.  At a minimum, do not be in the room where they are working.
  • Please make sure the work area is completely cleared of personal possessions and spray the work area with a disinfectant cleaner before we arrive (you don’t need to wipe it off)

How We Are Moving Forward

Simple Bath still aims to deliver quality bath remodel and renovation services to customers- even as safety standards and procedures have increased. To uphold safety standards, we have made some changes to ensure our crews are operating in a cautious, efficient manner. Here is what WE are doing:

  • All employees are outfitted with masks/face coverings, gloves, hand sanitizer and hand soap.  It can be very uncomfortable to wear a mask during some of this work so please discuss mask expectations with your installers upon arrival.
  • If either member of your installation team has a body temperature above 99.4 degrees, feels sick, has a persistent cough or has a household member that is medically advised to quarantine then neither installer will be allowed out in the field until both are cleared by a medical professional, and we will have to reschedule the installation.

Digital Consultations

In-person consultations may not be available in every case. To accommodate this, we have created a digital bath consultation procedure where consultants can perform an in-depth evaluation of your space. With our digital consultation, we first identify what areas of the bathroom need work. After that, we just need measurements and design preferences to get an idea of your overall plan. Our design consultants then compile this information to compose a quote and detailed design. Even though we may need to utilize a digital consultation, our design consultants still put in an enormous amount of care and consideration to deliver you great results.

Bath Renovations That Fit Your Needs

Regardless of the circumstances, our customers can still expect exceptional remodeling and renovation experiences. With already chaotic circumstances, Simple Bath focuses on adhering to your timeframe and budget so as not to break your wallet, or cause any further disruptions. We take care in understanding your needs and wants through our bathroom remodeling process, and use that to create beautiful, functional bathrooms. 

This pandemic won’t be forever, but it may take some time before life gets completely back to normal. We hope that a bath renovation can bring a small amount of normalcy and joy into today’s chaos. Contact us today for a free consultation!