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Returning To Work and COVID-19 Update

Resuming Operations We are ecstatic to be returning to work! With COVID-19 still looming, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the welfare of our customers and our crews. As business resumes, we want to outline what our customers should...
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Tips to Tidying Your Bathroom the KonMari Way

Are you finding yourself drowning in a pile of clutter in your bathroom or kitchen? Then it’s time to take out the trash bags and ask yourself, “does this spark joy?” Marie Kondo is the queen of organization and her...
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Simple Talk – Classy & Classic

Classy and Classic - We are often asked "what is a classic design?" That's a Simple answer, while cabinets with a white countertop. Simple Bath's Onyx Snowswirl countertop paired with Bertch's Nordic white cabinets truely make a classy and classic...
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