Lessons from Italian Bathrooms

It’s vacation season, and apparently I’ve been on vacation from my blog!  In a more literal sense, I really did just return from a vacation to Italy with my husband.  That’s us in the photo above, on the Grand Canal in Venice.  We had a wonderful time!  Of course, as the owner of a bathroom remodeling company, I can’t help but check out hotel bathrooms everywhere we travel.  In Italy and all over Europe, bathrooms are very small.  They make use of lots of my previous tips about maximizing visual and functional space in tight quarters.  Very creative use of storage!  However, being the “land of marble”, Italian bathrooms also abound in this natural material. Floors, ceilings, showers, countertops – you name it!  Marble, marble everywhere.

I must say, at first glance it’s dramatic and beautiful.  But I couldn’t help but notice…in every single shower of every single 5-star hotel….signs of mold and mildew problems.  Maybe I should start “Simple Bath Italy” and introduce the Italians to Onyx solid surface showers!  In all honesty, it was just nice to come home and look at my Onyx shower – and know that I’ll never have to deal with that mold and mildew.  Loved Italy – love my bathroom.  It’s always good to come home!

Until next time, Ciao!