Directions in Color

I was fortunate enough last night to attend a presentation by one of PPG’s Global Color and Design Trends team members.  Every year, these experts from around the world converge to combine their collective research and develop color forecasts.  They examine changing consumer lifestyles, moods, materials and social themes to develop all the possibilities of color in interior and architectural applications.  Really fascinating stuff.  A little bit psychology, a lot of design, tons of good information to take away for my business.

One theme in particular stood out for me in terms of its relevance to good bathroom design.  The PPG experts call this palette “IntroSense”.  IntroSense offers a quiet, retreating theme.  It appeals to a consumer who values privacy, timelessness, quality and peace.  In today’s world, with so much of life being lived online and in social media, I think that’s why we see folks using “serene”, “retreat” and “spa-like” when they describe the look they want in their ideal bathroom.

We also use the word “classic” a lot when describing the bathrooms we design.  We want to build bathrooms with long-lasting, classic good looks.  It hadn’t occurred to me that this might be another recurring theme stemming from so much online visibility and public consumption.  We yearn for tangible things that represent integrity and value.

The “IntroSense” palette reflects these sensibilities.  Grays for privacy; gray-greens and warm neutrals for classicism and tradition; desaturated hues of purple, peach-orange and spruce represent peace and serenity.

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