Design basics: unified and timeless

Whether you’re remodeling your entire bathroom or just updating some of the elements, the result will be a new “look” and, hopefully, a new and improved level of functionality.  When it’s all said and done, I want you to be able to step back and say two things.

First, “it’s unified”.  In other words, it goes together, it flows together.  Some good design consultation will help you get there, but studying pictures of professionally designed bathrooms you like will help you understand this concept.  Take the photo here for example.  The balance, repetition and symmetry of the cabinet configuration, the sconces and the mirrors “unifies” that area.  The waincotting “unifies” the cabinetry, the wall and the tub with continuity of the white-on-white color scheme around the lower half of the room.  All the elements of the room are tied together in an organized, balanced, yet interesting way.  It just “works”, so it’s pleasing.

Second, the bathroom pictured here will stand the test of time.  Timeless looks can be traditional like this one.  Or they can be streamlined and contemporary.  Ask yourself:  “Will my new bathroom be considered pleasing and beautiful five years from now?”  If not, you may want to try a more neutral, long lasting approach.  To add some punch to this more cautious strategy, use bold patterns in accessories, art or textiles – things you can easily change.

A simple definition of good design: unified, timeless.  Study photos of bathrooms you like and look for these characteristics.  You won’t go wrong!