Design basics: repetition

How often do you look at a room and just feel like it flows or “works”?  If so, it’s probably because its individual elements have been arranged in a rhythmic way.  The room is a collection of well-designed elements that may be dissimilar, but have a “glue” that allows the eye to move smoothly around the space.

One of the easiest ways to achieve rhythm in a bathroom is through repetition.  Think about the repetition you see in the photo here.  The mirrors, light fixtures, drawer fronts and sinks, while dissimilar elements, all have the same rectangular shape.  Look closely, and you will see that linear architectural shape continue in the towel bars, faucet bases, wallpaper stripe, and even the way the towels are folded and arranged!  Beautiful.  Balanced. Repetitive, but not boring.  The gentle marbling of the floor and vanity top provide some softness to counter the linear shapes.  Overall, the result is understandable, logical and very pleasing to the eye.

Repetition can be created in shapes, forms, colors, textures and patterns.  Look for repetition in photos of bathrooms you like and keep it in mind when designing your own bath sanctuary.  Pleasing to look at, easy to live with, a bathroom that “works” – you can have that!  Rhythm through repetition is the key.