Anything but the blues

The whole world is wrapped in blue, from the sky to the ocean, from soothing to vibrant.  Blue is so ever present, it can almost escape notice…which is why blue is also a wonderfully calming color in nearly every shade.  Perfect for the place where you want the most peace and quiet: the bathroom.

We here at Simple Bath happen to love blue bathrooms.  But with all the choices out there, it can get a little tricky.  Here are 10 great Sherwin Williams Blues to try.  Whatever you choose, they definitely won’t leave you with a case of the blues!

Blue Blood, Oceanside and Naval – a little bolder and darker for impact


Blue Bauble, Minor Blue and Raindrop – fresh, clean and sometimes barely there

Sherwin Williams Blue RAINDROP

Drizzle and Sleepy Blue – light with a touch of gray


Aleutian – a little bit of lavender, subtly soft and feminine


Sea Salt – traditional, can’t miss color and surprisingly wonderful with most all wood tones

sea salt

So grab a can of paint, and beat the bathroom blues!