Bathrooms in Bloom

Fresh blooms are the perfect way to add spa-like elegance to any bathroom.  Plants love the space too – lots of humidity and plenty of water nearby!  However, some plants are more appropriate than others.  Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right floral accents for your bath:

First, think simple.  One large fern or tropical, if you have room.  One type of bloom in a simple container.  A dozen white roses, stems cut short, and tucked close in a silver julep cup is a perfect example.  Or a single orchid perched on your vanity or tub deck.  Lovely.

Second, think tall and narrow because bathroom surfaces typically don’t have much room to spare.  The forced paperwhite bulbs pictured here illustrate that concept very well.  Or imagine a single amaryllis for the upcoming holidays.  Another benefit of these forced blooms is that they last a long, long time and look pretty in all their stages – from initial foliage to the eventual dramatic flowers.

Finally, think small and portable.  Five or six or seven different succulents can be creatively planted in individual small containers like teacups or sherbert glasses.  You can cluster them on a tub deck, line them up on a windowsill, or scatter them around to suit your mood.

Get creative, and have fun growing your bathroom garden!