Bathroom remodeling transformed, courtesy of the Internet

Three years ago, my daughter-in-law told me about this thing called “Pinterest”.  Just three years ago…hard to believe!

Until very recently, a homeowner thinking about remodeling would have checked out books from the library, perused design magazines, asked friends for advice and looked up contractors on Angie’s List or the BBB.  Today, millions turn instead to Houzz, Pinterest, Zillow Digs, and a plethora of similar web-based idea generators.  These companies have grabbed the remodeling industry by the tail and are changing the way homeowners figure out how they want to improve their homes.

The upside for remodelers is that more people have access to great visual inspiration, which motivates them to take on a remodeling project.  The downside, however, for the customer is that every remodeler isn’t poised to “translate” well.  The best remodeling salesperson or design consultant will be an expert in bringing your idea-book inspiration to life within the the realistic confines of the project:  limitations on space; budget constraints; functionality considerations; and other factors.

When forming that all-important relationship with your remodeler, what you probably don’t need is a salesy:  “Sure!  We can do that!”  What you probably do need is a frank and candid discussion that goes something like:  “We CAN do that!”  “We can’t do that, because…”  “But, here’s a creative idea you may not have thought of!”  So “pin-on” and keep dreaming – we love your ideas, we really do!  But be sure your choice of contractor is borne with candor and trust from the start – that’s where the best outcomes begin!