Accessorizing outside the “bathroom box”

I talk a lot about bringing decorative elements from other rooms in your house to the bathroom.  You don’t have to think of those “bed and bath” stores as the only source of bathroom accessories!  What you need might be right in your home – in another room!

This photo illustrates a couple of great examples!  If you’re slightly nervous about hanging art in your bath or powder room, gallery-style is the answer. Simply gather a collection of art you love.  Anything goes. You can arrange pictures close together or far apart. Watercolors can stay together or let them mingle with photographs; frames and sizes can be matched or mismatched. You can even work in some dimensional pieces like the letter “C” here or a clock.  Whether it’s an entire powder room or a portion of one wall in your master bath – a gallery-style display can take you “outside the box” and let your creativity shine!

Another decorative element I love here is the rug!  For me, gone are the days of the “bath rug” – thank goodness!  Try an (inexpensive) oriental, a dhurrie, or a modern woven rug in an interesting geometric pattern.  It’ll give your bathroom some character and richness that just can’t be delivered by the typical “bath rug”.

As you get adventurous moving decorative pieces from other rooms into the bath, think benches or chairs, small tables, lamps and interesting mirrors.  Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it can be BIG on style with things you just may already own – in another room!