2015 Trends: Shades of Gray

Into 2015, all predictions across the country are that gray will continue to trend “hot” for bathroom design.  While some people still perceive gray as an urban, contemporary color, we see it as a “chameleon” that can be cool and steely as well as a warm and traditional neutral.

Gray works well in bathrooms because it can be incorporated in a range of tones- from the palest smoke to dark pewter. It also works perfectly with white, allowing you to highlight white tubs and other features.  Perhaps best of all, a grey and white base is the perfect foundation for playing with color- this means you can change your color schemes over the years to fit your latest whims.

The gray bathroom trend tends to use several shades of gray to achieve the look. This can be done through your use of wall décor- think light gray paint with a darker floor, or framed artwork in tones of black, gray and white. You can also focus on your accessories, bringing gray towels and bath mats into the space before offsetting the look with a few pops of color.

Gray can easily take on both masculine and feminine qualities in a bathroom space- it really is the perfect neutral canvas. Try adding a bouquet of pale pink flowers and soft pink towels, or keep it clean with black towels and shiny chrome bathroom accessories

Whenever you feel the need to give your bathroom a facelift, a classy and elegant gray backdrop will leave you with the perfect canvas to let your imagination go wild. This is one trend that won’t date your house back several decades or cost you a fortune in remodeling costs down the road.