10 Simple ways to make a small bathroom feel bigger – Tip #10

Think White!  White in a small bathroom, or in any bathroom at all, creates a sense of clean space and brightness.  It’s simple, classic and beautiful.  Especially when paired with chrome fixtures and plenty of reflection from mirrors and clear glass – who can argue with timeless elegance!  And white need not be boring or restrictive – in fact, it’s very forgiving!  Different surfaces, using varying shades of white, can and do happily exist in the same space.  A couple of other benefits of this look….first, white components and chrome finishes cost less than their colored, satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze counterparts (not to mention the myriad of other finishes out there)!  And second, a white bathroom becomes like a gallery – showcasing everything else you put in it:  flowers, artwork, towels and shower curtains.  For your small bath renovation, I highly recommend giving some consideration to WHITE!