We saw Simple Bath at the Home and Garden show and Dick answered many of our questions right there.  A few weeks later we had him out for a quote.  He took some measurements, we picked out the styles we wanted and he provided a quote right then.  We had two other contractors in to give us estimates, and one was very close but did not offer the selection that Simple Bath did.  The second contractor was about 1 1/2 times the cost of Simple Bath.  Once we contracted Simple Bath, Dick gave us an install date and we were able to order the new flooring for both bathrooms – which was scheduled for the day after completion by Simple Bath.  Dick never pressured us into buying more or adding anything we didn’t want.  Rex and Brian arrived on Day 1 and set right to work.  The master bath was completed on Monday with the repairs made to the floor and sheet rock.  They did bring my husband up a couple of times to show him something, or explain what they were doing.  Day 2 they returned right on time and completed the second bathroom.  What a difference these new bathrooms have made in an 18 year old house that had 3 kids grow up in them.  I would highly recommend Simple Bath for the customer service, quality of product and work and professionalism.

Cindy from Pickerington