Keep It Simple Saturday

Transform your bathroom into a winter wonderland. This is an arts and crafts the kids will love, and it’s easy stress free decorating.


Use accents to increase the beauty of your bathroom!

Simple Talk Efficiency of Space

There is a secret to making small bathrooms comfortable without removing walls. This secret is efficiency of space. By removing jet tubs surrounded by tile, the space feels lighter, airier. When the tub is removed, a larger shower with a seat helps to make the space more inviting.

Simple Talk Griege

Griege. By now, most people have heard or used this work. Neutral décor is popular right now, and for a good reason. It’s calming, warming and inviting. It can also make the space feel elegant and modern, without crossing the line into contemporary.


Swap out your reds and greens for silver and gold to bring on a bright New Year!

Simple Talk Height

It may seem as though a few inches do not make a big difference, but for comfort, inches count! Comfort height commodes are more ergonomically comfortable and taller vanities (about 34.5 inches) provide more storage and more storage options.

Design Tip Tuesday

#DesignTipTuesday Accessorizing doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Put a feature product in the tray for a classy upscale style.

Memorial Day 2017

Happy Memorial Day! Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom with some patriotic designs? Check out these ideas!